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Of Holidays and Friends

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Holiday, be it Christmas you celebrate, Hanukkah, Divali or any other joyous occasion. I hope you will spend it with your loved ones with not a single worry in your mind.

I also wanted to say thank you to my wonderful friends. I always thought of myself as lucky because I have a kind, loving family who always welcomes me with open arms.

But life finds the best souls out there and puts them on my path, too. I am constantly amazed that there are people so caring, so selfless and supportive that stand by my side, being hundred and thousands miles away! My friends give me strenght, make me smile and help me face any difficulties I am going through. They are the best Christmas gift I could ever wish for.

So I really hope every person has someone precious, as I do. Just don't ask me to share mine, because I am not gonna! I will keep them in a fluff-lined box under my bed and feed them chocolate and truffles. Mine, all mine! *hugs friends possessively*


I find it absolutely hilarious. And yes, I do need professional help.

I laughed my ass off.



It is one of the most awesomest things I've seen!!!

Letter(s) to Santa

I have snatched this from blissmiracle
because it's so much fun! XD

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Wednesday I put gum in aliale 's hair (-12 points). In September I helped blissmiracle hide a body (-173 points). In February I pushed insomnikat in the mud (-17 points). In November I helped zsephyrx across the street (6 points). Last Sunday bluewings5 and I robbed a bank (-50 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-246 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

I'd be more than dead if I did something bad to A-chan's hair .:shivers:.

Another letter.Collapse )

And the last oneCollapse )

I'm sorry for being so bad and nasty to my flist! I'M SORRY! m(_ _)m

A-chan, who did we kill btw?

And Nicola, did I get Ohkura!porn for you? XD

Of work and Taiwanese dramas

It's Friday! Friday evening!

YAHOO! (no, not the website XD)

I am dead tired and in such a silly mood that I feel pity for myself XD I seriously don't know what caused that but... Oh well XD

The work on Koki + Maru exchanging letters is almost done *^_^* My first project, I'm so happy! I know it's tiny, it's less than 4 minutes and I hardly did anything but still... *^_^* I am the 'project leader XD'
Hopefully the one with Spirits Con will move forward, too ^_^

Long live BNS! ^______________^

What a kiss means

I'm stalking people's journals and I steal memes ]:}

aliale = ♥

And meme...Collapse )

Latest Utawara crack XD

Because my brain is so not there and I absolutely suck at making gifs XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have no idea when did I make the mistake with cropping, there's that annoying skip of the frames in the middle but oh hell I'm too lazy to go through it again XD

And I desperately needed something to cheer me up.

Saturday + toothache

I hate you Kitagawa Johnny.

Your evilness has no boundaries.

He put Maru in a uniform. ARMY UNIFORM. MARU IN ARMY UNIFORM.



I pre-ordered KAT-TUN's next single because I felt like doing it at the moment. The Limited Edition with DVD so there'd better be LOADS of Ueda on it otherwise I grrr. 

I want to bite someone in non-sexual way because I am having a bad day and I want to cause people pain.

Evil = me (rarely but today is the day)


*growl growl rawr hiss bristle*

.:Edit: I need an evil icon Q_Q:.

Ueda Tatsuya - 04.10.2006

Happy Birthday, Uebo! ♥

Ueda-otousama, Ueda-okaasama, hounto-nii arigatou gozaimasu m_ _m

Smile, Uebo, smile for me ♥